Croom Concretes Precast L-Wall units are ideal for forming both retaining and containing structures in residential, commercial, industrial and waste developments.

L-Walls are the ideal product where speed of installation is necessary. The offer a fast, cost effective solution to constructing retaining and containing developments. Standard sizes range from 1m high up to 3.8m high with a width of 1.2m for all units.

Anchors comprise of H.20 high yield deformed bar and two part polyester resin mortar, used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Position the retaining wall units onto the concrete foundation and align using a mortar and shims as required. Using the 30mm diameter holes in the unit base as a guide to drill into the foundation to the required depth. Pour the sufficient mixed resin into the hole first then insert the H.20 bar so that it is just below the surface of the unit and completely encapsulated the resin.

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Key Features

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • No specialist trades required.
  • Retain material up to 18KN/m3
  • Offer stability
  • Create storage bays without imposing a load to the building frame.


  • Earth Retention
  • Dividing Walls
  • Waste Recycling Bunkers
  • Bulk Storage
  • And much more…

Sizes Available

l wall sizes

Precast L Walls

Movable Walls

Concrete movable wall sections have many applications in commerce, agriculture, and the construction industry.   


Croom Concrete’s pre-cast L-Walls are designed to form a range of bays or other dividing walls without imposing a load on the frame of the building.  As well as forming bays and dividing walls inside buildings, they can be used…

Bunker Walls

Bunker walls are free-standing walls made of precast concrete.  Usually, they are formed from A-Wall or L-Wall units, and are sometimes, but not always, designed to be movable.  Croom Concrete’s Bunker building blocks can also be used as Bunker Walls.

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