Concrete A Walls (Bunker Walls) are free standing precast units that can be used as buildings, bulk storage walls and as structural walls.  All Concrete A Walls are manufactured in accordance with BS 8110 and all our products are CE accredited.

Croom’s Concrete A Walls are designed offer maximum flexibility as the units can be easily unbolted and re- sited when needed.

A Walls are designed offer maximum flexibility as the units can be easily unbolted and re- sited when needed.

  • Croom Concrete A - Walls
  • Croom Concrete A - Walls
  • Croom Concrete A - Walls
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Main Uses

  • Aggregate Storage
  • Crop / Soil Storage
  • Internal and external dividing walls
  • MRF Bays (Material Recovery Facility)


  • We have the capability to manufacture large quantities in a short space of time, this affords us the option to take on any job, big or small.
  • Our process allows us to manufacture A walls to fit most size requirements.


Our A Walls have been designed with external fixing points enabling then to be easily
unbolted and re-sited. This makes our pre stressed A Walls a very versatile solution for most situations.

Easy Installation

  • Our A Walls can be moved easily due to the various options for lifting.
  • The walls have 4 spaces for lifting from about. Holes have a diameter of 25mm
  • Space underneath the walls also allow for the insertion of forks to allow lifting from underneath.


  • Optimum shape and profile for the storage of grain, aggregate and other bulk materials.
  • Curved shape allows the free flow of material to the bottom of the silo.
  • Straight portion at the base to allow ease of loading.
  • Walls are designed to be portable, allowing you to change widths of bays.
  • Available in heights of 2.4m and 3m and a width of 1.25m
  • Corner units for the Bunker Walls are also available.


  • If you think our prestressed wall panels fit your requirements feel free to contact us through the contact information below.

Precast Concrete A Walls

Movable Walls

Concrete movable wall sections have many applications in commerce, agriculture, and the construction industry.   


Croom Concrete’s precast A-Walls, also known as bunker walls, are a free-standing flexible system of moveable concrete walls that are easy to relocate, making them the ideal solution when temporary barriers or bays are required.  Cleverly designed to allow for…

Bunker Walls

Bunker walls are free-standing walls made of precast concrete.  Usually, they are formed from A-Wall or L-Wall units, and are sometimes, but not always, designed to be movable.  Croom Concrete’s Bunker building blocks can also be used as Bunker Walls.

Precast A-walls for Hoben international

In November 2015 Croom supplied 145 no. 3m high Precast A-walls to Hoben international in Derby United Kingdom. The units are to be used to create a new storage bunker for the holding of liapor lightweight aggregate which is been…

Dunmore East

Croom Concrete have once again been appointed by L & M Keating to supply 75 no. 3m high Precast A Walls.

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