Vehicle Traffic Barriers (VTB)

Croom Concretes vehicle traffic barrier is a modular concrete barrier employed to separate lanes of traffic. It is designed to minimize vehicle damage in cases of incidental contact while still preventing the crossover case of a head-on collision. Our vehicle traffic barriers are also used to reroute traffic and protect pedestrians during construction, as well as temporary and semi-permanent general protection.

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Our concrete vehicle traffic barriers have a H1 impact level and a W7 working width which has been tested in accordance with DIN EN 1317-2.

Reinforced C – 35 concrete are manufactured in the New Jersey shape and are double sided allowing them to a free standing permanent system than can operate without any backing. Due to this shape the more common, shallow angle hits, damage to sheet metal is minimised by allowing the vehicles tyres to ride up on the lower sloped surface. The units which measure 3500m x 610mm x 810mm (L x B x H) are fitted with lifting hooks to allow easy installation. The connection system our vehicle traffic barriers use are a 1No. J.J hook fitted to the end of the barrier which interlocks, thus providing a 1 piece joining system for speed and safety of installation. J.J hooks are welded to the reinforcement, thus providing continuous linkage through the barrier.

Reflectors can be fitted after the barrier is installed.

Croom Precast Concrete deliver Vehicle Traffic Barriers and more to our clients in Ireland and the UK.

Safety Specifications

  • A minimum length of 25 metres of barriers is required before and after the controlled area for safe entry / exit.
  • System with a H1 impact level
  • W7 working width
  • Tested in accordance with DIN EN 1317-2

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