Croom Concrete has a wide range of precast products for housing livestock including cattle slats, cubicle beds, pillars, support beams and pre-stressed passage slabs.

Croom Concrete have been producing cattle slats for the agri-construction sector for over 30 years.  The slat sizes can be designed to suit individual shed requirements.  Our recommendation for dairy cow slats are for a grooved standing space of 160mm – 175mm (anything under 160mm is not comfortable for cow hoof comfort) and spacing between slots of 38-43mm for adequate cleanliness.

Also in the last year we have improved and updated our manufacturing facilities from a wet cast plant to a dry-cast production system having found from experience that the gripped finished on the wet cast slats tended to wear easily over short periods of time, leading farmers in having to groove slats, which in turn causing chipping to slats.

Dry cast is proven to be far more durable in a highly corrosive environment like slurry storage helping to maintain grip. Also we have implemented the use of GGBS in to our mix designs which helps increase both the strength and longativity of the slat life span.

All slats are designed and built in accordance with all Irish, British and European standards and are CE certified. Our easy to install concrete cattle slats are ideal for use over slurry channels, underground tanks and as part of a suspended floor system.  

We manufacture our cattle slats with high strength 60kN dry-cast concrete for superior durability and to provide a level, non-slip surface. We employee a quality control technician to guarantee quality and strengths are maintained at all times.

  • Croom Concrete Cattle Slats
  • Croom Concrete Cattle Slats
  • Croom Concrete Cattle Slats
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  • Croom Concrete Cattle Slats
  • Croom Concrete Cattle Slats
  • Croom Concrete Cattle Slats
  • Croom Concrete Cattle Slats

Benefits of Cattle Slats

  • With the increase in the price of straw, suspended slat floors are a cheaper, long term option.
  • Reduced bedding costs and in turn labour costs due to less time needed cleaning & changing bedding.
  • As the slurry is dropped into the tank below, slurry can be easily collected into tankers.
  • Animal welfare is better with reduction in slurry heel and other foot problems’.e. digital dermatitis (DD).
  • Overall increase in performance due to increased cow comfort.
  • As slurry is collected in a contained tank the risk of leakage into water courses is minimised.

Design Features of Croom Cattle Slats:

  • Designed to BS8110 (EN2 1992. Eurocode 2)
  • Dry Cast Technology/superior strength
  • Slats manufactured with a minimum 160mm hoof standing space between slots to improve cow comfort
  • Galvanised access cover cast into all Manhole points
  • Superior 60Kn High Strength Concrete compared to the 40Kn standard
  • Suspended Floor System up to 6 metres.
  • Slats are designed to provide optimum space to surface ratio
  • CE Certified
  • 45mm concrete cover to reinforcing steel means no corrosion and a longer life span. Standard is 35mm
  • 16mm steel all slats up to 3900mm, 20mm steel slats up to 4500mm and 25mm steel slats up to 5000mm
  • High quality vibrated finish giving smooth tapered sides and level non-slip surface for greater cattle comfort

Agitating Units

Agitating Units can be used in conjunction with our precast concrete cattle slats.  Each agitating unit compromises of a lockable galvanised unit which provides safe access to the slurry tank. 

The opening of the access point has been designed to accommodate all types of agitating equipment.

Pre-stressed Passage Slabs

Croom Concrete also produces a complementary range of passage slabs.

  • Ideal for tractor access for a passage way
  • Designed for axle loading of up to 10,000kg
  • Manufactured from 150-200mm in depth
  • Range  of precast pre-stressed passage slabs can be supplied depending on the loadings required to suit customer requirements
  • Lengths of up to 7 metres  can be achieved

Note: Pre-stressed suspended passages usually require a structural screed. Please contact our in house design team for further information.

Precast Concrete Cattle Slats News

New dairy unit nearing completion in Co.Meath

New dairy unit nearing completion in Co.Meath. Just shy of 800ft of precast dairy slats supplied by Croom Concrete.

Some impressive pictures of our latest piggery project nearing completion.

Some impressive pictures of our latest piggery project nearing completion by Croom Concrete.

Double Tank of Croom 12’6 tractor Slats Installed in West Cork

Double tank of Croom 12’6 tractor slats being installed in West Cork by one of our slats crews last week.

Fit out of a new piggery with precast pig slats and support beams in Cork

Fit out of a new piggery with precast pig slats and support beams kicking off in Cork this week.

Site visit to a farm in Devon

Site visit to a farm in Devon last week where we supplied a complete suspended floor system for a new 240 cow unit back in 2016, using a complete precast solution with our unique column & beam to support cattle…

A dairy unit nearing Completion in Croagh, Co.Limerick

Another dairy unit nearing Completion in Croagh, Co.Limerick. Crooms unique double grooving utilized throughout the project offering unbeatable grip leading to enhanced animal comfort and confidence.

New dairy unit nearing completion in Causeway, Co.Kerry

New dairy unit nearing completion in Causeway, Co.Kerry.

New Dairy Unit Taking Shape in Dungarvan

New dairy unit taking shape in Dungarvan, Co.Waterford. Croom’s unique dairy grip used throughout.

Fitting out of accommodation area for new robotic dairy unit in Devon

Fitting out of accommodation area for new robotic dairy unit in Devon coming on nicely.

New beef unit in Co. Wicklow finished

New beef unit in Co.Wicklow finished, complete with prestressed suspended feed passage.

New dairy slurry store nearing completion in Co.Limerick

New dairy slurry store nearing completion in Co.Limerick. All slats supplied with Croom’s unique profiled dairy grip.

New Slurry Store Southern Wales

Customers Eurof and David Jones from Llangadog in South Wales recently choose Croom concrete for the supply of precast for there new slurry store. The external measurements of this massive store were 100ft in width by 210ft in length.

New Slurry Store

Job Complete in Sept 2015 Precast Products Supplied for new Slurry Store:

Croom Concrete Slats Featured in Irish Farmers Journal

Cattle slats have to be made right We take the safety and strength of our cattle slats for granted. Here, we go behind the scenes to see how they are made.

120 Cattle Slurry Store Completed In Causeway, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Croom have recently constructed and installed a 120 Cow, 2,000,000 litre Slurry Store in Causway Co. Kerry.

Croom Construct 2.5 Million Litre Slurry Store (Wales, UK)

Croom Concrete recently constructed a 2.5 million litre slurry store for Welsh farmer, Huw Owen.

Ballon Meats

Croom Concrete were recently contracted to cover a new slurry store for “Ballon Meats” in Ballon Co. Carlow, Ireland .

Croom Solves Slurry Problem with a Double-Depth Concrete Tank

Long wet winters had been causing problems for Stephen James, the new Welsh NFU president, at his 500 acre dairy farm in Pembrokeshire. He needed extra storage capacity in his slurry tank, and was also keen to improve comfort for…

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