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Drainage Products

Croom Concrete’s pre-cast manholes, manhole rings, reinforced access covers and gully pot risers are growing in popularity in the field of civil engineering, and are proving their worth in safety and reduced labour costs. 

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Concrete Storage Tank

Croom Solves Slurry Problem with a Double-Depth Concrete Tank

Long wet winters had been causing problems for Stephen James, the new Welsh NFU president, at his 500 acre dairy farm in Pembrokeshire.

He needed extra storage capacity in his slurry tank, and was also keen to improve comfort for his herd of 270 cows, knowing that this could lead in turn to better milk yields.

Croom was able to improve both capacity and comfort by designing, manufacturing, and installing an extra-deep tank, and cow cubicles with a specially-adapted surface.

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Road underpass was turnkey job

In this article from the Farmers Journal, Paul Mooney speaks to Joe O’Donoghue of Michelstown, who decided to fully contract out the construction of a road underpass on his farm.

When it comes to a farm building project some farmers choose to be involved from start to finish. Others take a different approach and hire a good professional, let them get on with it while they can concentrate on running the farm. Both options have their merits.

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