Environmental Policy

As part of Croom Concretes commitment to protect the existing environment and to the protect the economic well being of the company our aim is for continual improvement in environmental performance and where possible to prevent pollution at source, taking into account and consideration business objectives, employees and the local community.

An Environmental Performance Monitoring Group chaired by the company Safety Manager will be the steering group for all environmental matters pertinent to the organisation and the group will be responsible for agreeing action plans for all business areas and devising the programme of objectives and targets consistent with this policy and the EMS (Environmental Management System).

This group will report to the Safety Manager and he will review this policy annually in light of experience gained through the implementation of the EMS.

Therefore it is the aim of Croom Concrete to:

  • Display a copy of this Policy Statement at our Head and our Site Offices
  • Revise this policy statement as and when necessary to keep up with changes in Irelands Environmental Legislation
  • Communicate our environmental policy and practices to all company employees and our subcontractors
  • Minimise the volume of waste produced on site and recycle as much as is economically practical
  • Continually improving environmental performance and controlling pollution from all our activities, products and services
  • Undertaking an environmental awareness programme
  • Encourage the commitment and involvement of employees
  • Identify, evaluate and seek to reduce the environmental effects associated with the companies operation
  • Where possible use plant and equipment during our works with the lowest practical noise, vibration and fume emissions available
  • Train employees to ensure that they are aware of the companies objectives and specific measures for their implementation
  • Only use approved waste carriers and only send waste materials to approved licensed waste disposal sites
  • Provide resources essential to the implementation and control of the environmental management system including human resources and specialised skills, technology and financial resources

Mr Joe Costello, B.Eng Prod Mgt, Quarry Mgt

Position: Sales Manager

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