Croom Concrete’s pre-cast concrete stairs come in a wide range of sizes, so suit every requirement.  We have an experienced and expert team of designers, as well as shuttering carpenters and casters, who will work with you and your architect to produce the staircase best suited to your personal project.  Our pre-cast concrete stairs and landing units are designed and manufactured in house, and are then delivered and installed, quickly, efficiently, and safely. 


Standards and Quality

All our stairs and landing units comply with United Kingdom BS 8110 standards, as well as the relevant EU codes.

We supply pre-cast concrete products throughout the UK and Ireland and have an enviable reputation for high quality and professionalism through all stages of design, manufacture and installation.


Immediate Access

Our pre-cast concrete stair flights work perfectly with our pre-cast concrete flooring to give immediate safe access to upper floors.  This allows the workforce to continue with the project without the need for ladders, scaffolding, and other expensive and time-consuming structures. 



Safety at work is one of the most important factors in the building and construction industry, and it is a priority with Croom Concrete.  But safety, where concrete stairs are concerned, does not end when the project is completed; pre-cast concrete stairs offer a fast and safe escape in the event of a fire, as well as allowing secure access and egress to fire-fighters.  They are durable and resilient and are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, as well as operators in the commercial field.


Stainless Steel Moulds

Croom offers a higher quality finish than other comparable products.  The stairs and landings are cast upside down in our stainless-steel moulds, which gives an excellent smooth surface, allowing carpet, timber, stone, tile or other finishes to be placed directly onto it without the need for intermediate cushioning materials.


Time-and Labour-Saving

There are many benefits to Croom’s pre-cast concrete stairs, which is why they are favoured by architects and designers.  They arrive on-site ready for immediate installation, with no time-consuming and messy shuttering and casting on the premises, thus offering considerable savings in on-site labour.  They are highly fire-resistant and can accommodate progressive collapse requirements.  Concrete offers excellent noise reduction and sound insulation.  Their installation is not affected by adverse weather conditions.  Fixing for handrails and anti-slip strips are a simple matter for our designers.


An Ideal Solution

Pre-cast concrete stairs are cost-effective and quick to install and offer the immediate safe movement of personnel and materials between floors during the construction process, as well as a satisfactory and durable solution to what is often the most difficult aspect of multi-floor construction.