Croom Concrete’s pre-cast columns and beams are proving their worth in the construction and agricultural sector, offering a saving in space and time, as well as in expenditure.  Doing away with shuttering and internal walls in large slurry storage facilities for example, or in any large storage area, concrete columns and beams give larger clear spans, and are a far more efficient use of steel and concrete than conventional construction systems. 

The columns can be erected on the prepared concrete floor, and they support the beams, which in turn transfers the load of the cattle slats to the walls and floor.  The height of the columns depends upon the individual projects and can be varied, as can their situation within the tank.

Using this system, tanks can be emptied from one point, which is not only an important fact in time-saving, but also in safety. 

Potential Uses

In slurry facilities where space is at a premium, and where the flow, agitation and emptying is an important factor in the design, the round columns and sturdy beams offer advantages not to be found in older designs.


  • Increased capacity of as much as 15% with the removal of internal walls
  • Columns and beams are pre-cast off site and delivered at a time required by the construction contractors
  • Rapid construction, leading to reduced on-site times with attendant cost savings
  • Between 75% and 90% less need for scaffolding
  • 75% time saving over shuttering system
  • 90% reduction in concrete requirements
  • Greater control in project and cost planning through off site casting
  • Excellent accuracy and quality of finish
  • Reduction of between 50% and 80% site labour
  • Reduction in bad weather delays
  • High strength
  • Increased clear spans


Croom Concrete’s pre-cast columns and beams are manufactured at their own facilities to the high standards for which they are renowned.  They are then delivered to the site in accordance with the client’s requirements.  Croom Concrete is entirely familiar with the procedures of the ‘Just In Time’ systems that are now being demanded by designers and construction engineers.