Croom Concrete’s precast A-Walls, also known as bunker walls, are a free-standing flexible system of moveable concrete walls that are easy to relocate, making them the ideal solution when temporary barriers or bays are required.  Cleverly designed to allow for easy lifting, A-Walls are versatile, strong and simple to use.

The walls have four spaces for lifting from above, and the space underneath the units is designed to allow them to be moved by forklift trucks.

Potential Uses

Any commercial, agricultural or other concern that needs to store products in quantities that vary from time to time within a fixed site will find our A-Walls invaluable.

  • Aggregate, gravel, sand and other building material storage
  • Crop, grain or soil storage
  • Dividing walls, internal and external
  • Material Recovery Facility bays


Croom Concrete’s A-Walls can be re-sited as often as necessary, using the minimum of machinery and staff.  This makes them one of the most cost-effective methods of temporarily partitioning storage areas on the market. The fixing points are external, making it easy for them to be unbolted for re-siting.  The curved shape of the walls allows the stored materials to flow freely to the bottom of the bay, thus maximising the use of the allocated space.  Corner units for bunker walls are also available.  The clever design of these walls ensures their durability, strength and stability.


  • Croom Concrete has the capability to manufacture A-Walls in large or small quantities in a short space of time.
  • The process is flexible, allowing for the manufacture of walls to fit most size requirements.
  • The walls are available in heights of 2.4 m and 3 m, with a width of 1.25 m.
  • The walls are manufactured in accordance with BS 8110, and, in common with all Croom Concrete’s products, are CE accredited.