Croom Concrete have recently completed the project of supplying precast storage tanks to Nautic Building Company for use in a new stable complex for JP MacManus’ premier stud in Martinstown, Co. Limerick.
The precast storage tanks supplied were as follows;

  • 1 No. 5000 gallon effluent tank
  • 1 No. CE Certified Septic Tank
  • 3 No. 5000 gallon tanks for storage for Firefighting purposes
  • 3 No.  2000 gallon effluent tanks

All of the tanks were delivered to the site and installed over a two day period by Croom Concretes in-house installation crew. All tanks were installed in compliance with BS 8007. The installation took place in late December 2014. All went accordingly and both Nautic Building Company and the end client were very happy with the products and the service supplied by Croom.