Bunker walls are free-standing walls made of precast concrete.  Usually, they are formed from A-Wall or L-Wall units, and are sometimes, but not always, designed to be movable.  Croom Concrete’s Bunker building blocks can also be used as Bunker Walls.

Bunker walls that are intended to be movable are usually constructed from A-Wall units, as these are cleverly designed for simplicity of relocating, and do not require skilled labour for the purpose.  They can be lifted easily, using the spaces in the walls for lifting from above, or the slots underneath the units for forklift truck handling.

For permanent structures, L-Walls are more suitable, as they can be set in place easily, and then fixed using H-20 bars and polyester resin.

Croom Concrete’s famous Bunker building blocks can, in the correct situations, be used as semi-permanent walls, as their ingenious design allows them to interlock, giving stability whilst at the same time allowing for relocation should that be necessary.

Potential Uses

Bunker Walls are to be found in many commercial, agricultural or civil engineering environments, either where walls are needed to divide storage areas where flexibility is a requirement, or as permanent structures, both externally where the products are not affected by weather, or internally, where there must be no load on the building frame.

  • Aggregate, gravel, sand and other building material storage
  • Crop, grain or soil storage
  • Dividing walls, internal and external
  • Material Recovery Facility bays
  • Temporary walls in the intermediate stages of larger projects


Bunker walls are a cost-effective and simple barrier system requiring the minimum use of machinery and staff for their erection, dismantling, and relocation. 


  • Croom Concrete has the capability to manufacture the units for bunker walls in large or small quantities in a short space of time.
  • The process is flexible, allowing for the manufacture of walls to fit most size requirements.
  • A range of sizes is available in all three types of unit.
  • In common with all Croom Concrete’s products, A-Walls, L-Walls and Bunker Building Blocks are CE accredited.

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