A Laois farmer installed an underpass this spring and is delighted with the outcome,writes Peter Varley
Underpass takes the stress out of milking 

The big benefit of using all precast items is that all pieces can be installed on the one day, massively reducing the duration of the project . The base section(.6m) of these units holds in the stone 804 material under the road surface, and the top part of the structure rises at least 1.2m above the road surface as a safety wall in which an earthen bund can be placed to prevent a vehicle skidding off the road. 

Louise said the new underpass has made her life so much easier now. The main benefit is the peace of mind and that is worth a lot.”I am not constantly worrying about car accidents now which is well worth the investment,” she explained.There are other benefits too. “I don’t have to leave cows standing in the pen waiting an hour or more for the last cow to be milked and I am not relying on extra help to get cows across the road,”Louise added.She said cows took a little while to get used to the underpass when it was new but they are very comfortable using it now.