Long wet winters had been causing problems for Stephen James, the new Welsh NFU president, at his 500 acre dairy farm in Pembrokeshire.

He needed extra storage capacity in his slurry tank, and was also keen to improve comfort for his herd of 270 cows, knowing that this could lead in turn to better milk yields.

Croom was able to improve both capacity and comfort by designing, manufacturing, and installing an extra-deep tank, and cow cubicles with a specially-adapted surface.

Precast Column and Beams

The new concrete tank measures 200 x 50 feet and is 14 feet deep. The extra depth is made possible by a precast column and beam system supporting the passage and cubicle surface, which also allows for increased cubicle space.

Non-slip Cattle Slats

The comfort of the herd in the cubicle area was enhanced by designing and aligning the cattle slats so as to reduce the possibility of cows slipping when dismounting the cubicles.

Careful Planning Enables a Tight Schedule

Croom worked with the client to overcome potential problems such as planning issues, a split level site, the need for road closures, and the proximity of power lines. As a result of this attention to detail, the project was completed successfully within one working week from the construction of the ring wall.

Croom Precast Products Used

The following Croom products were supplied for the construction of the extra-deep slurry tank and livestock shed.

3.9m precast columns
4.700 meter support beams
4.8m precast head to head cubicles
2.4m precast single beds
14’6 tractor slats
16’6 tractor slats
10’6 tractor slats
Manhole access points

View our products used on this project:

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