Croom provided a complete solution to the problem of waste water storage at the Charleville premises of Kerry Co-op, one of Ireland’s leading international agribusinesses.

The design, manufacture, and installation of the 8,000 gallon tank were all undertaken by Croom, drawing on the company’s many years of experience in the construction of precast concrete storage tanks.



Precast Tanks Minimise Time and Disruption

By using precast tanks with sections constructed offsite, Croom is able to minimise onsite time and labour, and by this means can massively reduce disruption to normal business activities. The Kerry Co-op waste water storage tank was installed in less than two hours, using a 90 tonne mobile crane.

A Guaranteed Seal

The concrete storage tank was constructed from precast concrete units in three sections; the base, the mid-section, and the roof, which includes an integral inspection hatch. Mastic sealing was used on all joints to ensure a watertight seal, mitigating the environmental hazard of run-off into the surrounding sub-soil. The tank carries Croom’s 15-year guarantee.

Skill and Experience in Precast Concrete Storage Tanks

At Charleville, Croom Concrete was able to utilise its acknowledged pre-eminence in the field of the design and manufacture of precast storage tanks, to produce a solution which entirely met the client’s specifications, and which was installed from start to finish in less than half a day. The workforce for the whole project, from design to installation, was drawn from Croom’s skilled and experienced staff.

A Satisfied Client

The project met with the complete approval of the clients, the Kerry Co-op. The tank will help to protect the environment by minimising the risk of waste water pollution.