The Thomas family farm of Lillanillawddog, Wales have a large dairy farm of in excess of 600 Acres and are presently milking 180 cows.

Updating Slated Sheds

The cow accommodation on site needed a dramatic review in terms of maintaining the existing herd and also to allow the capacity required for future expansion.  John A Thomas contacted Croom Concrete for their expert advice on the best way to improve cow comfort and to restructure the farm yard to improve productivity.

John did not want a large amount of buildings anymore in his farmyard and preferred the option of demolishing some existing building and slurry stores in order the make room for the new project.

At first the project only involved the covering of the existing slurry store, but after some discussion with the team in Croom, the option was put forward to totally remove the existing store and to completely build a new one with the aim to further increase slurry storage while also addressing the welfare issue of cubicle spaces.

The project commenced in late September 13 when the slurry stores were empty. All site works were then prepared and the project was ready to start taking delivery of the precast elements in late October. Thanks to the manufacturing off site all precast elements were delivered within 3 weeks of the project beginning.

Elements Installed

Croom Concrete manufactured, delivered and installed four various sized of slats:

  • 225ft – 10’6” Tractor Slats
  • 164ft – 12’6” Tractor Slats
  • 20ft –   13’6” Tractor Slats
  • 82ft –   14’6” Tractor Slats

These were supported by 698 ft of 12” x 12”precast concrete support beams and topped with 34 Precast head to head cubicle bases with 2 Agitation Points.

The entire project from demolishing of the existing building to housing of cattle in the new shed took approx 4 months.

Increase in Cow Comfort

The works have allowed for an additional 72 cubicle spaces of optimal cow comfort which should in turn improve productivity of the herd.

Increase in slurry storage

By building one large tank and suspending all the standing/cubicle area above it, there was a huge increase in slurry storage.  As the tanks were now under the slatted area there wasn’t a requirement for any additional space or for the need for over-ground slurry stores.
As can be seen from the pictures the project turned out a tremendous success, John A Thomas is happy with the transformation to his yard & the new slatted shed.  The cattle have settled well and are enjoying a comfortable wintering in their new housing.