Wall Panels


Croom Concrete’s unique Wall Paneling System has been manufactured to create versatile and affordable walling panels. Panels are robust and flexible enabling enabling them to be used in a wide variety of constructions. They offer a superior storage and security solution. Our walling system can be erected in one day, in all weather conditions.

Prestressed concrete wall panels are an ideal precast solution when speed, durability and cost are key.  Significant time and cost can be saved by using prestressed  concrete wall panels  over conventional block walls.  Ideal for Silage storage, aggregate storage and soil retention.

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  • No foundation required
  • Ready for immediate use.
  • Designed to save time and cost verses block walls
  • Panels can be easily installed using a simple tongue and groove jointing system to achieve desired height
  • Available in tailor made lengths and a variety of widths
  • Extremely durable -higher strength achieved from factory controlled concrete.

Quick Erection in All Weather Conditions

An impressive erection time and the ability to be assembled even in adverse weather conditions gives Croom Concretes Precast Walling System a clear advantage over traditional methods such as block walling.

Durable and Strong

Croom Concreted Precast Walling Panels are designed to optimise the high load bearing performance of pre-stressed concrete to create superior walling and storage units. An additional design feature means structures created using Croom Concretes Precast Wall Panel System can also be made impermeable to water. A space of 3mm between the tongue and groove allows for a polyurethane mastic sealant to be applied providing a watertight seal.

Load Bearing Panels

Panels 1000mm x 90mm, 1200mm x 90mm and 1500mm x 90mm are non-load bearing panels for the construction of enclosers. Load bearing panels begin at 1000mm x 140mm

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