Croom Concrete manufacture and produce precast concrete manholes, manhole rings and reinforced access covers. Precast Concrete OG pipes are also available in sizes 225mm up to 1500mm.

  • Precast Concrete Manholes
  • Precast Concrete Manholes
  • Precast Concrete Manholes
  • Precast Concrete Manhole Rings


  • Units are straightforward to assemble and easy to install, reducing the need for skilled labour.
  • Units are rigid under loads.
  • All manhole sections are supplied with Steel coated steps, all which conform to EN 131010: 2002 Class C.
  • Units have a design life in excess of 50 years.
  • By using Sealant a flexible water tight seal is created between each of the manhole sections.


  • Precast concrete manhole rings are manufactured with diameter sizes of 900mm; 1200mm and 1500mm.
  • Heights available are 1m, .75m, .5m and .25m.
  • All units are manufactured in a wide range of depths, creating a modular system so that all type of manhole depths can be accommodated

Manhole Steps

All Manhole steps are fitted during manufacturing, guaranteeing no sharp edges on steps, and removing the risk of injuries. They are bright orange coloured, making them visible in the dark shafts.

Proper Handling Facilities

All units are manufactured with two 25mm lifting holes.
Units should be stacked upright when been stored on site.

Declaration of Performance (DoP) Certs


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