Cubicle Beds

Croom Concrete manufactures concrete cubicle beds to cater for dairy cow housing.

Our cow cubicles are designed to provide optimum comfort for cattle which in turn increases the performance and dairy output.

Our cubicle beds provide a clean and dry bed as well as ensuring that the cow can lie down and get up again with ease. The cubicle bases are suitable for use with any proprietary cubicle system and all units can be easily suspended above the tank without the need for floor slabs.  This optimises slurry storage under the cow cubicle beds.


  • Available in single and double sloping cubicle units.
  • A range of heel heights and finishes are available.
  • Portable cubicle bases in a range of sizes are available.
  • Units weigh approx. 900Kg – suitable for use with most medium size tractors.
  • Start walls and end walls also available.
  • Cow cubicle beds
  • cubicle-bed-3
  • cubicle-bed
  • double-cubicle
Cubicle Beds Min(L) Max(L) Min Head Height (H) Min Heel Height(H)
Single Dry Cast 2286mm 2745mm 260mm 180mm
Double Dry Cast 3960mm 5485mm 255m 180mm

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